We are here to support any person affected by the death of a baby. We offer one-to-one befriending, telephone support and advice as well as regular group support meetings.

We work with people in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas and all of our services are provided free of charge by local volunteers - Beds SANDS receives no funding other than by donation.

Bedfordshire Sands Barbecue - Sunday 26th June

Every summer, Bedfordshire Sands organises a walk of remembrance with a balloon release, followed by a barbecue, during Sands Awareness month to remember our babies who have died. The walk and barbecue will be on Sunday 26th June, starting at 1pm 

We will meet from 1pm and we will walk from there to the Silsoe Village Millennium Gardens, as a mark of remembrance, where the balloon release will take place. We will be releasing a balloon for each baby, and you can write a message for your baby onto rice paper, which will then be attached to your baby’s balloon. (We will supply rice paper and balloons.) Back at Mairi’s house, there will also be clay hearts and shapes, which you may decorate or write a message on and take home to keep.

Afterwards, the barbecue will start at around 3pm. Please bring along your own food to cook on the barbecue, e.g. sausages, burgers, steaks or vegetarian alternatives. (There will be a separate barbecue for vegetarians.) We will provide bread rolls, green salad and drinks. It would be great if you could bring along other salads, coleslaw, fruit, desserts, quiche, crisps and dips or something else to contribute. 
Please contact us by phone: 07900 106543, or by email: bedfordshiresands@yahoo.co.uk.