We are here to support any person affected by the death of a baby. We offer one-to-one befriending, telephone support and advice as well as regular group support meetings.

We work with people in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas and all of our services are provided free of charge by local volunteers - Beds SANDS receives no funding other than by donation.

Finley's Footprints

Here's a link to a very interesting resource, 'Finley's Footprints' that offers a wide range of information and services, including Skype groups and other innovations. By way of introduction, the following is taken from the site itself:
"Finley’s Footprints was created in 2009 following the loss of Finley John Scott. Mel Scott uses her unique skills to support other parents who sadly lose a child or baby at any stage of pregnancy, or childhood. She is also able to offer services to professionals who work with the parents, and those charitable organisations who work to support them.

Finley’s footprints has several key aims.
  • To provide positive information and support to parents who have lost a child. We hope that in sharing positive information, parents will be able to begin to find a sense of peace and control in the midst of the sadness of the loss of their child.
  • To provide professionals with information about supporting parents who have lost a child in a variety of ways. This information will be shared from the unique perspective of a mother who has lost 2 children at different stages. We hope to improve the consistency of the care that parents receive after their loss, and to improve the confidence of professionals who provide support in this difficult time.
  • To provide services, and information to charities who may support parents who have lost, or will lose a child. There are many charities who provide valuable support to parents who care for a terminally ill baby/child. We would like to support them in providing after care support, and information about the aftercare that may help parents."